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Transformative Journeys Therapeutic Bodywork

My Story

I have always had a deep urge to help others feel better, even when I was younger.  Connecting through touch has also felt very natural to me.  So finding my way into the massage therapy field was a no-brainer.  The name, Transformative Journeys Therapeutic Bodywork, may be a mouthful but I feel it encompasses exactly how I hope to help people.

It took me until 2014, at the age of 28, to find my path towards this type of work.  I graduated with an AAS in Therapeutic Massage from Ivy Tech in 2017, and my career in this industry continues to evolve. 


I have continuing education in Barnes Myofasical Release, Cupping, and Energy Work. Learning and bettering myself through continuing education and having a variety of tools to use is very important to me as a therapist.  Another goal of mine includes hosting classes and workshops for clients and other massage therapists.  


I look forward to learning and growing as a bodyworker, and helping my clients to grow and expand within themselves, as well.  You cannot have growth without change, so lets embrace the change.

Chelsey Gilbert Massage Therapist
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Transformative Journeys Therapeutic Bodywork

My Approach

I offer a blend of intention, intuition and technique to every session.  The body is fluid, changing from day to day.  I try to keep my mind open to what that may look like for the client, and I listen to what the body itself tells me it needs. 

Myofascial Release is my go to technique, since it is more intuitive and fluid.  I typically blend in some different techniques, which may include deep tissue, reflexology, biomechanics, lymphatic, craniosacral or basic swedish techniques.  My goal is to customize each session to your needs in the moment. 

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