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Massage and Myofascial Release


North Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Indiana


Are you Experiencing...
Chronic Pain, Restriction of Mobility, Scar Tissue, Stress, Anxiety, Muscle Tension or Feeling Stuck in your Wellness Routine?  
I Can Help!

Now Offering  Consults

Curious about what Myofascial Release is?  Not sure what treatment option is best for you?  Schedule a 30 minute consult with me and we can figure out what options may be best for you.  We go over your intake, talk about treatment goals, get a hands on assessment and 10 minutes of Myofascial treatment.  I would love to meet and chat with you!


Serving Multiple Locations!

My main location is in the Fishers/North Indy area, but I am still serving the Fort Wayne area at Isch Wellness Center,.  Indianapolis in office availability in Fishers/Indy at Reflex Indy located at 9951 Crosspoint Blvd, Ste. 300

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Chelsey Gilbert Massage Therapist

More than Massage

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Myofascial Release. Currently serving Indianapolis, Fishers and Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I have an AAS in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork from Ivy Tech, along with other continuing education.  I have been doing massage since 2017, and as I continue to practice and learn other modalities, my passion for helping others in this way only continues to grow.

"If you are unwell, don't ask to be healed.  Instead ask to be restored to that perfection from which you emanated."

Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Services Offered

Myofascial Release Fishers Indiana
Therapeutic Massage

Myofascial Release

Chronic Pain, TMJ, Neck Pain, Body Imbalances, Scar Tissue

A technique focused on releasing fascial restrictions with static compression and movement. A deeply relaxing yet goal focused treatment.  

Therapeutic Massage

Stress and Anxiety, Restricted Range of Motion, General Wellness

A blend of many different techniques, with the intent of giving your body what it needs to let go of chronic pain and tension.

Other Modalities and
Add Ons

Customize your table time for what you need in the moment.

selfcare retail items

Now Offering Retail

Now you can take some self care home with you! Many of the retail items I sell are tools that I recommend clients take home and use between sessions.  The goal is to help you make self care a regular routine, not just on the massage table.


Simply awesome!! Chelsey will customize each and every appointment as needed. Our bodies and healing process is always changing, therefore no two appointments are alike. Chelsey will find your faults!! :)) and will do everything she can to get you on the path to healing. Highly recommend her.

Doug S.

Elaine H.

Tiffany M.

One of the best out there. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my body. Chelsey is not only great with understanding my body but she is educational. Her goal is help you feel better long term.

Would be lost without her. I tell everyone I can to go see her.

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9951 Crosspoint Blvd, Fishers Indiana

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